Coach specializing in elite gymnastics

Angelo Ritorto holds a recognized diploma in women’s artistic gymnastics (State Certified Sports Instructor, secondary education), and he has been working in elite gymnastics in a Pôle France for 15 years. In his work with 10-to-12-year-olds and 12-to-14-year-olds, he has focused on training female gymnasts from their arrival at the center up to their preparation for international competitions.

His active involvement in training corps of state certified sports instructors, primary and secondary education, and his experience in conducting numerous themed trainings for private and public organizations, laid the groundwork for him to embark on sharing his expertise and passion for gymnastics and teaching under the auspices of the Gymneo company.

In his current position as a Be Gold coach for the Fédération francophone de Gymnastique, he enjoys imparting his experience, whether as an athletic coach with a specialty in gymnastics, through his training work or by creating materials that include training videos, books and drawings.

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