How does it work ?

High-quality training videos
Gymneo TV offers video trainings on women’s artistic gymnastics elements on the various apparatuses (vault, uneven bars, beam, floor, trampoline). Over time, new videos will be added focusing on different elements connected to conditioning. These trainings are geared to all levels of experience and are made by trainers who are experts in elite-level gymnastics. Whether the topic is a basic or a more complex element, we strive to make the information as accessible as possible. Audio commentaries, video images and a variety of visual effects help to make the courses’ content understandable to all coaches, no matter what their level of experience.

7 videos for each technical training
Each gymnastics technical element is treated in 7 distinct parts. The first introduces the training, and the subsequent ones cover the following: a technical analysis of the move, the prerequisites of the exercise, a pedagogical analysis with learning drills, different spotting techniques that the coach can use to guide the gymnast, specific physical preparation and finally, a video titled “live” that focuses on technical errors. This last chapter lets you practice identifying errors in your gymnasts’ attempts at the skill and in this way to understand the errors’ consequences on the rest of the move. We then suggest ways to correct the errors.

Individual trainings or subscription
The only way to watch the videos is via an Internet connection. After you register on the site and pay for your access rights, you will be able to access the videos from any computer terminal by entering your e-mail address and password. You can purchase just the trainings you are interested in, or you can select our subscription plan. When you subscribe for 1 year, you get immediate access to all the trainings that are already online, as well to those that are added during the year of your subscription. At least 10 new trainings per year are added to the existing catalogue. This option is economical and it enables you to make connections between the various pieces of information conveyed throughout the set of videos.

Unlimited access
Gymneo TV’s trainings can be viewed 24/7 from your home or from any location of your choice. You no longer need to travel anywhere or try to juggle your overloaded schedule—the trainers come to you virtually. You can have them repeat things over and over again, or you can skip a step that you have already mastered. You will learn independently and with no limitations. You can choose what is truly important for you. Explore all the topics that interest you. Progress to new technical elements. Let your motivations guide you so you can acquire new knowledge, and impart it to your gymnasts!