Backward giant and forward swing

The complete training on the backward giant on the uneven bars
From the swing to the backward giant, all the steps to teach this skill

Video 1: Overview of the training on the backward giant and forward swing
Video 2: Technical analysis of the backward giant

  • Introduction
  • Handstand phase
  • Descent phase
  • Phase of passing the low bar
  • Stretching phase
  • Tap phase
  • Phase of moving from hang to support
  • Phase of returning to the handstand
  • Technical analysis of the swing
  • What to look for on the uneven bars
  • Some important concepts on the backward giant
  • Shoulder work in a backward giant

Video 3: Prerequisites

  • Introduction
  • Getting to know the uneven bars
  • The concept of alignment: how do you identify compensations?
  • Maintaining body alignment
  • The handstand
  • The dish position

Video 4: Pedagogical analysis—drills from the swing to the backward giant

  • Starting on the strap bar
  • Learning the stretching
  • Learning the position in the “tap”
  • Swings
  • 3/4 giants
  • Unsuccessful attempts
  • Specific exercises on passing the low bar
  • Completing the backward giant
  • Trampoline
  • Conclusion

Video 5: Physical preparation

  • Introduction
  • Arm repulsion
  • Specific strengthening for the first descent phase
  • Strengthening for the stretching under the low bar
  • The tap!
  • Phase of lifting to the handstand

Video 6: Various spotting techniques for the backward giant

  • Introduction
  • Effectively supporting a 3/4 giant
  • The backward giant with beginners
  • The backward giant in general
  • Conclusion and practice information

Video 7: LIVE performance

  • Introduction
  • Watching and correcting a swing on the high bar
  • Watching and correcting a swing on the low bar
  • Watching and correcting a bent-knee backward giant
  • Watching and correcting a backward giant

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