Back handspring step-out

The complete training on the back handspring step-out on the beam

Video 1: Overview of the training on the back handspring step-out on beam

Video 2: Technical analysis

  • Introduction
  • Analysis of the starting position—choice of foot and starting position
  • Bending phase
  • Creation of backward rotation
  • Flight phase
  • Putting the hands down—choice and placement of hands
  • Step-down into lunge

Video 3: Prerequisites: How to know when the minimum level in the following elements is acquired so the gymnast can start learning the back handspring

  • Handstand split with hands together
  • Handstand split with hands staggered
  • Minimum flexibility level
  • Back walkover on beam
  • Back handspring with legs together on floor

Video 4: Pedagogy

  • First flight phase of back handspring—12 drills
  • Moving the front leg—4 drills
  • Staggering the hands—9 drills
  • Working on the feeling of the handstand position, with the body in opening position—2 drills
  • Complete execution on the floor—4 drills
  • Goal: get high!—indicators for progressing from step to step—7 drills

Video 5: Specific Physical Preparation

  • Specific strengthening of the quality of the leg push-off for the back handspring step-out—5 exercises
  • Flexibility in opening position and in flexion for the back handspring—8 exercises
  • Forward movement of arms and the action of bringing them together to put the hands down—7 exercises
  • Movement of the pelvis while passing through the handstand—2 exercises
  • Development of flexibility of the front-back split—9 exercises
  • Strengthening of landing phase—5 exercises

Video 6: Spotting

  • Spotting the back handspring to handstand
  • Spotting the back handspring with landing in handstand split
  • Overall spot of back handspring step-out
  • Spotting the back handspring on the low beam

Video 7: Live performance: Analysis of errors and solutions for correcting them

  • Introduction
  • Case study no. 1
  • Case study no. 2
  • Case study no. 3

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