Various spotting techniques

The complete training on the various spotting techniques
From the kip to the acrobatic dismount, and from release moves to giants, learn effective, reassuring spotting techniques.

Video 1: overview of the training on the various spotting techniques on the uneven bars

Video 2: Elements on the low bar

  • The swing on the low bar
  • Front kip
  • Drop kip
  • Kip to planche series
  • kip to handstand
  • Variation on cast to handstand through cast to handstand with hips bent and legs straddled
  • Handstand with long axis turns
  • Back hip circle

Video 3: Close circles

  • Clear hip circle to handstand
  • Clear hip circle with long axis turn
  • Sole circle to handstand
  • Sole circle with long axis turn
  • Endo
  • Stalder with legs together

Video 4: Bar changes

  • Shushunova to handstand
  • Pak salto
  • Schaposchnikova
  • Schaposchnikova half turn
  • Schaposchnikova from the sole circle

Video 5: Backward giants

  • 3/4 Giant
  • Backward giant
  • Backward giant half turn and backward giant half turn to forward giant
  • Backward giant pirouette
  • Forward giant
  • Forward giants with a half turn

Video 6: Release moves

  • Jaeger
  • Gienger
  • Jaeger salto stretched with a turn
  • Tkatchev
  • Hindorf

Video 7: Dismounts

  • Back layout dismount
  • Double back piked and stretched dismount
  • Front dismount

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