Front handspring

The complete training on the front handspring on beam
Learn all the secrets to teaching this skill to your gymnasts

Video 1: Overview of the formation on the front handspring step-out on the beam

Video 2: Technical analysis

  • Starting position
  • The kick
  • The tip
  • Forward lunge position
  • Shifting the weight into planche position
  • Shifting the weight and reaching with the hands
  • Arm push-off
  • Flight phase
  • Landing

Video 3: Prerequisites

  • Introduction
  • Handstand
  • Handstand split
  • Tick tock
  • Front walkover
  • Front handspring and front handspring step-out on floor
  • Conclusion

Video 4: Pedagogy

  • Tip and inversion on floor
  • Progression of handstand pops
  • Working on the foam beam and first front handsprings
  • Working on the low beam
  • Working on the high beam

Video 5: Specific physical preparation

  • Exercises for the supporting leg
  • Exercises for the forward kick
  • Push into the front leg
  • Exercises for the backward kick
  • Arm push-off
  • The finish

Video 6: Spotting

  • Spotting technique for the front handspring

Video 7 : Live performance

  • Introduction
  • Case study N°1: Your turn!
  • Case study N°1: Analysis and corrections
  • Case study N°2: Your turn!
  • Case study N°2: Analysis and corrections
  • Case study N°3: Your turn!
  • Case study N°3: Analysis and corrections
  • Case study N°4: Your turn!
  • Case study N°4: Analysis and corrections

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