The complete training on the round-off on floor
How to teach this complex acrobatic move

Video 1: overview of the training on the round-off on the floor

Video 2: Technical analysis

  • Round-off from forward lunge
  • Round-off from hurdle and run
  • Connection to the round-off back handspring

Video 3: Prerequisites

  • Technical “verifications” of the basic elements
  • Prerequisite no.1: handstand pop
  • Prerequisite no. 2: handstand pop from the hurdle
  • Prerequisite no. 3: front handspring
  • Prerequisite no. 4: cartwheel
  • Other prerequisites focused on the snap down
  • Prerequisites for the round-off back handspring

Video 4: Pedagogical analysis

  • Round-off: starting position and initiation of the turn
  • Round-off: approach and introduction to the step down
  • Round-off: introduction to the move as a whole
  • Round-off: individual phases
  • Round-off: taking it further
  • Round-off back handspring: introduction to the connection and strengthening exercises
  • Round-off back handspring: push-offs and curls
  • Round-off back handspring: lean and lengthening
  • Round-off back handspring: other useful exercises

Video 5 : Spotting

  • Spot no. 1: stimulating the arm push-off
  • Spot no. 2: stimulating the snap down in the pelvis
  • Spot no. 3: stimulating the shoulder-feet torque

Video 6 : Specific physical preparation

  • Close-up on rounding the back
  • Specific physical preparation for the cartwheel
  • Specific physical preparation for the snap down of the back handspring

Video 7: Live performance

  • Case study no. 1
  • Case study no. 2

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