The complete training on the Jaeger salto piked
Letting go of the bar, doing a salto, and recatching the bar . . . is it really that hard?

Video 1: Overview of the training on the Jaeger on the uneven bars

Video 2: Technical analysis on the Jaeger salto piked or straddled

  • Introduction
  • Actions while moving through the handstand
  • Impact of the handstand actions on the movement of the bar
  • Downward swing
  • Clearing the low bar
  • The stretch, or closing the body under the bar
  • The tap
  • The upswing before releasing the bar
  • Flight phase and technique of the front pike with the legs together or straddled

Video 3: Prerequisites

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisite no. 1
  • Prerequisite no. 2
  • Prerequisite no. 3

Video 4: Pedagogical analysis

  • Repulsion in the handstand
  • Getting a feel for the whole move, with a spot (cognitive, physical, emotional focuses)
  • Learning the technique of the salto forward piked
  • Beginning to learn starting from the forward giant
  • First attempts and progression up to execution with a hard landing

Video 5: Spotting techniques

  • Breakdown of spotting technique for Jaeger salto stretched
  • Spotting the Jaeger salto piked at regular speed
  • Spotting the first attempts of the Jaeger with a hard landing
  • What to do when the gymnast misses the bar
  • Spotting in a competition setting

Video 6: Specific Physical Preparation

  • Introduction
  • Phase 1: Arm repulsion in the handstand
  • Phase 2: Specific physical preparation for the downward swing of the forward giant
  • Phase 3: Closing the body under the bar
  • Phase 4: Specific physical preparation for the tap
  • Phase 5: Closing in the salto forward piked

Video 7: LIVE performance

  • Introduction
  • Case study of a Jaeger when the gymnast misses the bar

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