The complete training on the cartwheel on floor
It may look easy, but this move is technically demanding

Video 1: Overview of the formation on the cartwheel on floor

Video 2: Technical analysis

  • Starting position
  • The tip
  • Forward lunge
  • Shifting the support
  • Moving through planche
  • Shifting the support to put the first hand on the floor
  • Alternating hand push-off in rotation
  • Step down
  • Landing in forward lunge
  • Learning strategies

Video 3: Prerequisites

  • Introduction
  • Close-up on the forward lunge
  • Handstand
  • Split hand movements

Video 4: Specific physical preparation on the cartwheel

  • Introduction
  • Front kick
  • Working on the planche with the supporting leg bent
  • Push into the supporting leg
  • Putting the actions together
  • Action of rotating in quarter turn
  • Holding alignment with the legs split
  • Specific exercises on alternating arm push-offs
  • Step down

Video 5: Spotting

  • Introduction
  • Spotting the cartwheel as a whole
  • The tip in the first inversion phase
  • Rotation between the planche and the hand contact
  • The full spot, broken down

Video 6 : Learning exercises

  • Learning progression from the block
  • Exercises onto a lower surface
  • Working with vertical partitions: pros and cons
  • Exercises to strengthen the push into the front leg
  • Working on keeping the shoulders open
  • Example of teaching progression

Video 7: Live performance

  • Introduction
  • Let's look critically at our equipment setups
  • Close-up on some teaching situations
  • Looking at cartwheels with "errors"

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