Straight jump

The complete training on the straight jump on the big trampoline.
How to teach this basic element.

Video 1: Technical analysis of the straight jump on trampoline

  • Introduction
  • Focus on foot position
  • Focus on knee position
  • Focus on hip position
  • Focus on arm position
  • Focus on head position and where to look
  • Technical analysis of the entire move—coordinating the legs and arms

Video 2: Pedagogical analysis

  • Introduction
  • Step 1: First bounces and managing the leg separation on the bed
  • Step 2: Improving balance in the air
  • Step 3: Varying the arm positions
  • Step 4: Learning the arm set
  • Step 5: Coordinating the arm set and leg push
  • Step 6: Increasing the amplitude

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Total duration :
26 minutes