The flat back drop

The complete training on the flat back drop on the trampoline.
Learn how to teach this move, which is crucial for backward tumbling skills.

Video 1: Technical analysis

  • Introduction
  • What is needed to create a backward turn with flight?
  • The “task” of the flat back drop in the world of tumbling
  • The movement of the body between its starting and ending points
  • Detailed technical analysis
  • Preparation phase
  • Action phase
  • Reaction phase

Video 2: Pedagogical analysis

  • Prerequisites for the flat back drop
  • Step 1: The “role” of the arms in the move
  • Step 2: First feelings of rotation
  • Step 3: Adding the leg push
  • Step 4: First executions of the whole move
  • Step 5: Execution in a “real-life” situation

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Total duration :
24 minutes