The Seat Drop

The complete training on the seat drop on trampoline.
After the flat back drop, explore this new basic move that your gymnasts will use throughout their careers.

Video 1: Technical analysis of the seat drop on trampoline

  • Introduction
  • Travel between the starting point and landing point
  • Detailed technical analysis
  • Step 1: Push-off
  • Step 2: Takeoff
  • Step 3: Actions to perform to get into seated position
  • Step 4: Action phase on the bed
  • Step 5: Landing in standing position
  • Step 6: Additional information

Video 2: Teaching analysis: technical and physical exercises for learning the seat drop

  • Prerequisites for the seat drop
  • The seat landing: learning the specific position
  • Exercises to break down the move
  • Initial executions: using other equipment
  • Drills on the trampoline

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Total duration :
24 minutes