The Run on Vault

A complete training clinic on the run for the vault
How to set up a medium-term and long-term progression, the most complete training possible on the run.

Video 1: Introduction to the run clinic for vault

Video 2: Technical analysis, part 1

  • Principles and approach
  • Introduction to the run: biomechanical factors
  • Starting position
  • Activation
  • Amplitude and frequency
  • Stance and swing
  • Swing phase as preparation for the stance phase
  • Stance phase: initial contact as a brake on the movement
  • Stance phase: midstance phase to conserve movement
  • Stance phase: propulsion to create movement
  • The swing phase resulting from the stance phase
  • Points to remember about the technical consequences

Video 3: Technical analysis, part 2

  • The role of the pelvic girdle in transferring acquired energy
  • Foot action and rebound

Video 4: Teaching analysis, part 1: Fundamental action frameworks

  • Preface
  • Fundamental action frameworks: Concept of rhythm, speed and frequency-amplitude combination

Video 5: Teaching analysis, part 2: Awareness of the stance phase on the ground

  • Rebound and foot action
  • Working on the support position
  • Working on the foot strike while moving
  • Working on the foot repulsion
  • Working on the stairs

Video 6: Teaching Analysis, part 3: Motor behaviors specific to the run on vault

  • Starting position + activation
  • Optimizing the stride to help maintain speed

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