The complete training on the cartwheel on beam
We’ll show you all you need to know and guide you through the steps of teaching this move to your gymnasts!

Video 1: Introduction to the training on the cartwheel on beam

Video 2: Technical analysis

  • Introduction
  • Phase 1: From standing position to planting the first hand on the beam
  • Phase 2: Actions specific to the cartwheel on beam

Video 3: Prerequisites

  • Prerequisite no. 1
  • Prerequisite no. 2
  • Prerequisite no. 3

Video 4: Learning circuits for the cartwheel on beam

  • Introduction
  • Learning circuits specific to the second quarter turn
  • Specific physical preparation exercises
  • Exercises to reinforce the first quarter turn
  • Step-by-step progression to the high beam in a competition setting

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Total duration :
46 minutes