The Back drop

The complete training on the back drop on trampoline!
Technical analysis and drills for effectively teaching this skill on the trampoline.

Video 1: Technical analysis of the back drop on trampoline

  • Introduction
  • Comparison of the 3 basic backward “drops”
  • Technical analysis: Actions to get into back drop position
  • Action phase on the bed
  • Reaction phase of the bed: 3 variations in execution depending on the next skill (pullover, ballout, bounces on the back)
  • Travel between the takeoff point and landing point

Video 2: Teaching analysis: Technical and physical exercises for learning the back drop

  • Prerequisites for the back drop
  • Back drop position: Learning the position and actions for bouncing on the back
  • Exercises to break down the move as a whole
  • First executions of the entire skill—setups with equipment
  • Drills on the trampoline

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Total duration :
28 minutes