Cast to Handstand

Complete Training Guide to the Cast to Handstand with Legs Together on Uneven Bars
Learn how to teach this fundamental technical skill on uneven bars

Video 1: Presentation of the training guide to the cast to handstand

Video 2: Technical analysis of the cast to handstand

  • Analysis of the initiation phase of the cast to handstand
  • Analysis of the opening phase
  • Analysis of actions at the shoulders
  • Analysis of the final phase of the element

Video 3: Skill prerequisites

  • Prerequisite n°1
  • Prerequisite n°2
  • Prerequisite n°3
  • Prerequisite n°4
  • Prerequisite n°5

Video 4: Pedagogical Analysis - Steps 1 and 2

  • Step 1: Drawing awareness to the movement of the shoulders
  • Step 2: Acquiring and reinforcing the casting movement

Video 5: Pedagogical analysis - Steps 3 and 4

  • Step 3: Confronting and overcoming the fear of falling over to the other side of the bar
  • Step 4: Placement of the shoulders in relation to the vertical of the bar in the ascent towards handstand

Video 6: Pedagogical analysis - Steps 5 to 7

  • Step 5: Exercises to progressively reach handstand
  • Step 6: The overall movement
  • Step 7: Teaching gymnasts how to return to the bar following their cast

Video 7: Spotting techniques

  • Technique from the side
  • How to spot from the floor
  • Learn how to spot swings to handstand on parallel bars

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Total duration :
58 minutes