Shoot-over to handstand - ‘Bail’ (Training n°1)

Complete training guide to shoot-over to handstand bar change
Part 1: Technique and teaching from momentum creation followed by a swing

In this training, we focus on one of the most common bar changes in gymnastics: the shoot-over to handstand, or ‘bail’.

This transition from high to low bar is definitely the bar change that requires the most precision. So it needs a lot of hours of training and the work to get it right is demanding.

There are two main ways to perform this skill. From handstand or from a back swing. For example, from a Shaposhnikova. In this training, we'll be focusing on the shoot-over from this backward swing.

We'll take a look at the actions and placements to aim for, as well as the prerequisites for the skill.

Then we'll take a look at the progression of exercises needed to teach it, as well as the spotting techniques required. In a further tutorial, we'll take a look at the technique and drills needed to perform it from a handstand.

Content of the training:

Video 1: Overview of the training

Video 2: Technical analysis of shoot-over to handstand - part 1

  • Introduction
  • The momentum creation phase
  • The tensioning phase
  • The tap phase + passing the low bar

Video 3: Technical analysis of shoot-over to handstand - part 2

  • The lengthening phase
  • Zoom in on the flight trajectory
  • The flight phase

Video 4: Prerequisites for shoot-over

  • Momentum creation
  • Swing facing the low bar
  • Creation of the swing half-turn
  • Consecutive kip - handstands
  • Morphological criteria

Video 5: Teaching shoot-over on uneven bars - part 1

  • Introduction
  • Getting to know the skill
  • Swing work specific of shoot-over

Video 6: Teaching shoot-over on uneven bars - part 2

  • Exercises on high bar and different equipment set-ups
  • Skill progression with low bar

Video 7: Spotting techniques for shoot-over to handstand

  • Learning to spot from between the two bars
  • Learning to spot from behind the low bar

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Total duration :
48 minutes