Front aerial

The complete training on the front aerial on beam
How to teach this move that combines technique, strength, and flexibility!

Video 1: Introduction to the training

Video 2: Prerequisites for learning the front aerial on beam

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisite no. 1: Handstand split
  • Prerequisite no. 2: Needle scale on the beam
  • Prerequisite no. 3: Bridge and front bridge
  • Prerequisite no. 4: Front walkover on beam
  • Prerequisite no. 5: Front handspring step-out on beam
  • Prerequisite no. 6: Jump with inversion to handstand

Video 3: Technical analysis of the front aerial on beam

  • Starting position
  • Forward lunge specific to forward tumbling and alternating push-off
  • Push-off phase: Action of the back leg
  • Push-off phase: Action of the front leg
  • Push-off phase: Chest action
  • Push-off phase: Arm action
  • Return to the needle scale and flight phase
  • Landing phase
  • Rhythm and conclusion

Video 4: Learning circuits for the front aerial on beam

  • Learning the movement through the forward lunge specific to the aerial
  • Exercises to become familiar with the specific role of the arms in the push-off phase
  • Exercise progression on developing coordination between the actions of the back leg, chest movement, and push on the front leg
  • How to work specifically on the downward movement of the chest before push-off and shifting the pelvis when moving through vertical
  • Exercise progression for working on shifting the pelvis at vertical and the quality of the landing
  • Another way to work on the final landing phase and following the chronology of the actions
  • How to technically and physically target the actions of the front leg on the push-off
  • Execution of the entire move with a spot
  • First execution alone with equipment
  • First execution on the floor
  • Progressing step by step to first attempts on the high beam
  • Conclusion

Video 5: Spotting

  • Focus on the spotting technique for the front aerial on beam

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Total duration :
54 minutes