GymneoLive #001: Foot work

Gymneo Live #001: Choreography preparation with Grégory Milan
Observation of a dance preparation session on foot work

In this video we look forward to introducing you to many new things: a new category, a new trainer, and a new aspect of coaching.

New category:

This category is called “Gymneo Live.” Its objective is simple: training through observation.

We’ll be filming training sequences live—that is, in the real-world conditions of a training session—and then posting them on our website for you to watch. They’ll be a great supplement to your training and will show you how to adapt theoretical information to your on-the-ground needs and constraints.

In these sessions, you’ll also get to see our trainers in action and study how they communicate with gymnasts to adapt workshops and instructions, and you’ll see how they respond to what the gymnasts do in order to conduct the session so as to achieve the objective at hand.

New trainer:

In this training, you’ll meet Grégory Milan. He’s a renowned international dancer with a degree from the Paris Opera. For a number of years he’s been sharing his expertise with gymnasts. Grégory is always looking to increase efficiency and make connections between exercises for dancers and exercises that are adapted to the technical aspects of artistic gymnastics. His lessons are original and full of useful educational techniques. We’re sure that they’ll add an extra dimension to your choreography sessions.

New aspect of coaching:

The last new component is the addition of choreography to our training program. Grégory will be teaching you the techniques and exercises he uses to train gymnasts in different dance elements. You’ll see him in live sequences and in the standard trainings, working on topics such as the pivot or split leap.

This first Gymneo Live sequence focuses on foot work in choreography. Enjoy!

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Total duration :
21 minutes