GymneoLive #003: Approach for the double layout on the fast track

Learning steps for the double layout on floor
A practice session focused on getting used to the distinctive actions of the future double layout

In this third category of the GymneoLive trainings, you will join our coach, Angelo Ritorto, and two gymnasts for the first part of a learning session on the double layout on floor.

The first thing you will see is the strategy used to help gymnasts understand the distinctive technique, trajectory, and rhythm of the connection and takeoff between the end of the back handspring and the takeoff for the salto.

Then, through practice and dialogue between coach and students, you will see how our trainer gets the gymnasts to experience the feelings of lifting the chest during the transition between the first salto and the initiation of the second one. This is a key moment for learning the arm actions and progressing to the first attempts later on.

Happy training!

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Total duration :
19 minutes