The Front Kaboom

The complete training on the front kaboom on trampoline!
Learn how to teach this fundamental acrobatic skill on the trampoline

Video 1: Introduction to the training on the front kaboom on trampoline

Video 2: Technical analysis of the front kaboom

  • Introduction: what is the kaboom effect?
  • Analysis of the takeoff phase
  • Flight phase before the kaboom
  • Phase of contact on the stomach (lag)
  • Acrobatic phase (three-quarter front)

Video 3: Prerequisites for the front kaboom

  • Prerequisite no. 1
  • Prerequisite no. 2
  • Prerequisite no. 3
  • Prerequisite no. 4
  • Prerequisite no. 5

Video 4: Learning circuit for the front kaboom

  • Exercises connected to the actions done in the takeoff phase
  • Learning the flight phase before the front kaboom
  • Progression on the bed
  • Drills on positions and actions in the lifting phase
  • Conclusion

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Total duration :
28 minutes