GymneoLive #008: Start learning the Jaeger (Part 1 of 4)

GymneoLive #008: First learning sessions on the Jaeger
Session topic: Checking the prerequisites on bars (forward giant and front dismount)

This new GymneoLive sequence is the first in a series of four videos on the initial practices when a gymnast is learning the Jaeger.

These sessions feature coach Angelo Ritorto and Mey-Lin, a gymnast at the EGC Colomiers club.

For this first part, the coach will focus on the prerequisites for the Jaeger on bars. You’ll see how he looks at the level of the forward giants and front dismounts and uses that to determine if the gymnast is at the minimum level to start learning this release move.

Going beyond the Jaeger, this sequence will help you perfect your knowledge of the backswings, forward giants, and front dismounts. You’ll see these elements from a new perspective as you observe dialogue between coaches and athletes, the teaching technique used to help gymnasts understand instructions, and corrective drills.

Don’t hesitate to go back and watch the trainings on the forward giant and the Jaeger so you can view this practice session with a more critical eye. These four sequences will give you concrete ideas on how to conduct a practice where you start teaching gymnasts the Jaeger.

Next week you’ll get to see the second part of this session.


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Total duration :
22 minutes