GymneoLive #009: Start learning the Jaeger (Part 2 of 4)

Session topic: Checking the prerequisites on the trampoline (front kaboom to handstand and kaboom 3/4 front salto)

This new GymneoLive sequence is the second in a series of four videos on the first practices where you're teaching the Jaeger to a gymnast.

Today we’ll be checking to see how well the gymnast executes the prerequisites on the trampoline.

Our trainer will be assessing the gymnast’s execution of the front kaboom to handstand and kaboom 3/4 front salto stretched to see if they’re good enough to serve as a basis for progression to learn to pike the body in the future Jaeger.

This session will also be an opportunity for you to review the basics of a front kaboom: how to execute the specific push-off, the entry onto the bed, the visual points of reference, etc.

These Live #008 and #009 sequences will give you a good overview of how to assess the prerequisites before you start a release move like this. Next week, in sequence #010, you’ll see the first learning drills.

Happy training!

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Total duration :
14 minutes