GymneoLive #011: Start learning the Jaeger (Part 4 of 4)

Session topic: Initial learning exercises (working on the bars)

This new GymneoLive sequence is the last in a series of four videos on the first practices where you're teaching the Jaeger to a gymnast.

Today, you will see the first drills on the uneven bars.

You will see the approach our trainer has chosen to take, starting from his observations on the quality of the prerequisites and the first learning exercises that were done in the last sequence.

You will learn how to transition from a front dismount 3/4 front salto to the first salto forward piked and to the first complete executions so you can start working on the bar.

With these four videos (GymneoLive #008, #009, #010, and #011) and the complete training on the Jaeger, you should be able to start teaching this bar release much more confidently.

Happy training!

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Total duration :
25 minutes