GymneoLive #012 : Learning the Gienger (part 1 of 2)

GymneoLive #012: Work session on the Gienger on the uneven bars
Session theme: Working on the dismount and improving the quality of the 1/2 twist

This new GymneoLive session deals with the first part of the training in the Gienger on the uneven bars.

Leading this session, Angelo Ritorto is joined by Sheyen, a gymnast with the Pôle France de Gymnastique de Marseille.

First of all, the work will be focused on improving the backward salto for the Gienger.

You will then be presented with some technical advice on contextualizing the dismount for the future bar release.

To conclude, you’ll discover how to integrate a 1/2 twist with the back dismount.

Beyond the Gienger move, this session will help enhance your knowledge of backwards giants and dismounts.

Next week, we will continue with the second part of this training.

Happy learning, everyone!

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Total duration :
28 minutes