GymneoLive #014: The front 1/2 twist front drop on the trampoline

Session theme: Learning the front drop, and returning to the standing position, and the first attempts at the 1/2 twist.
Discovering and correcting the first learning exercises

This latest GymneoLive session is entirely devoted to trampoline training, specifically the front 1/2 twist front drop.

This move is often taught from the perspective of a Gienger on the uneven bars, but also more generally when learning twists in second transversal rotations, like in a back full or a Yurchenko loop.

This training reiterates all the first steps of learning a front drop, and a stomach-to-standing, before the first attempts with a 1/2 twist.

You’ll learn how our trainer teaches these basic acrobatic gymnastic elements from an educational point of view.

Whether you’re looking for information to expand your teaching resources for the Gienger, or whether you’re just starting out in the trampoline universe for artistic gymnastics, this training video, featuring an actual training scenario, will provide you with a number of directly applicable solutions for use in your gym.

Happy learning, everyone!

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Total duration :
40 minutes