Physical Preparation #002

Aspects of performance and exploration of a model of performance in Women's Artistic Gymnastics
Aptitudes, capabilities, competencies, stage of development of the child - what factors should be taken into account before establishing a physical preparation program?

Video 1: Presentation and introduction to the tutorial

Video 2: Definition and examination of the two major types of performance to aim for through training

  • Definition of performance
  • Performance in relation to the 4 major periods in a gymnast's career progression
  • Summary and applicability to other levels of practice

Video 3: Introduction to and analysis of a model of performance for Women's Gymnastics

  • Exploration of a model of performance for Women's Artistic Gymnastics
  • Analysis of the model, step 1: the 'Diabolo'
  • Analysis of the model, step 2: training parameters

Video 4: Examination of relevant factors to do with the individual gymnast

  • The individual gymnast: aptitudes, capabilities, skills, competencies
  • Aptitudes and detection / 'Chance'
  • The different capabilities of a gymnast/li>

Video 5: The essential elements to take into account when establishing a program

  • Overview of other factors that influence the gymnast
  • Development of the child, growth, maturation
  • Training conclusion

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