Side aerial

Complete training guide to the side aerial on beam
Technical analysis, prerequisites, drills, and all the exercises needed to teach an aerial to your gymnasts.

Video 1: Overview of the training on the Side Aerial on beam

Video 2: Technical analysis of the side aerial

  • Detailed phase-by-phase study of actions

Video 3: Prerequisites on the side aerial on beam

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisite n°1: Cartwheel on the floor and on beam
  • Prerequisite n°2: Front aerial in a training setup

Video 4: Pedagogical analysis

  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Exploration and understanding of the specific movement of the arms
  • Step 2: Pedagogical progression to acquire the technique for the skill, and to do the first aerials on the floor
  • Step 3: Learning process to progress step by step towards execution on high beam

Video 5: Spotting

  • Complete guide to spotting

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Total duration :
45 minutes