GymneoLive #015: back tuck on floor - part 1

GymneoLive #015: How to introduce back tuck on floor
Session topic: Tumbling lesson, exploration of the 'tuck' position

This new GymneoLive is the first in a series of four videos on the introductory sessions for teaching a back tuck on floor.

For these sessions, you'll be with Angelo Ritorto and three young gymnasts from the EGC Colomiers club.

In this first part, you'll find a sample lesson for tumbling using shoulder stand to help teach the tuck position.

Generally speaking, we would use this sequence at the beginning of training, after a general warm-up.

The goal is to lead gymnasts in an experience that helps them to understand and sense what a 'tuck' position is. After that, in the training circuit, we'll ask them to look for this position in a more dynamic context.


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Total duration :
17 minutes