The Open Dive Roll

Complete video training on the open dive roll (swallow dive) on floor
Technical analysis, skills progression, spotting - all the exercises needed to teach this basic tumbling skill on floor.

Video 1: Introduction to the training on the open dive roll (swallow dive) on floor

Video 2: Technical analysis

  • Introduction: the three benefits of the open dive roll for the development of future skills
  • The preparation for take-off
  • The flight phase
  • The landing phase

Video 3: Skill progression for the swallow dive

  • Teaching set-ups and drills to begin teaching the open dive roll
  • Live coaching: exploration of the unique open position in the flight phase
  • First dive rolls with spot
  • From mini tramp to floor

Video 4: Spotting techniques

  • The techniques needed to assist and spot the swallow dive

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Total duration :
29 minutes