The straight front salto

Complete video training on the straight front salto on floor.
Technical analysis, prerequisites, skill progression, spotting techniques, specific physical preparation, and all the exercises needed to teach this basic front tumbling skill on floor.

Video 1:Overview of the training

Video 2: Technical analysis of the straight front salto

  • Introduction
  • The role of the straight front in a gymnast's career development
  • Technical analysis of case 1
  • Technical analysis of case 2

3: Prerequisites for the straight front

  • Tucked and piked front saltos
  • Front kaboom to handstand
  • Physical abilities

Video 4: Skill progression for the straight front

  • Introduction
  • Examination of the skill
  • Learning drills on trampoline
  • Learning drills for fast track and tumbling track
  • Work on floor

Video 5: Spotting the straight front

  • Learning techniques to assist and spot the straight front salto

Video 6 Specific physical preparation for the straight front

  • Introduction
  • Specific strengthening exercises for the opening action of the trunk and legs

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Total duration :
28 minutes