The Swan Dive

Complete training guide to the swan dive on trampoline
Discover how to teach this skill to your gymnasts

Video 1: Overview of the training guide to the swan dive on trampoline

  • Introduction: Why teach the swan dive on trampoline?

Video 2: Technical analysis of the swan dive

  • Preliminaries
  • Setting the arms with an opening action, or start with arms by the ears?
  • Analysis of the action phase on the bed
  • Biomechanics review
  • Analysis of the take-off phase
  • Flight phase until the peak of the trajectory
  • Analysis of the descent or ‘dive’
  • Landing phase on the back, on the bed
  • The return to standing

Video 3: Prerequisites for the swan dive

  • Prerequisite N°1: Straight jumps
  • Prerequisite N°2: Front drop
  • Prerequisite N°3: The open position of the open dive roll
  • Prerequisite N°4: Straight front
  • Prerequisite N°5: Back drop
  • Prerequisite N°6: First drills for the ballout

Video 4: Training exercises for the swan dive

  • Exploration of a key drill
  • Supplementary exercises on the floor
  • Training progression on trampoline
  • Overall execution

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Total duration :
23 minutes