GymneoLive #019 : Clear hip circles on bars

Theme: Learning and solidifying clear hip circles on uneven bars
Theme: Learning and solidifying clear hip circles on uneven bars

In this 19th episode of GymneoLive, we'll be with 3 young gymnasts from the EGC Colomiers club as well as their coach, Pauline, for a session on learning and solidifying clear hip circles on uneven bars.

This video will allow you to learn, in a real-world setting, a way to teach the different clear hip circles.

You'll be able to observe exercises and spotting techniques to improve the initiation of the back hip circle, how to approach linking 2 back hip circles together, and the first attempts at clear hip circle to handstand.

You'll also see some work on kip to handstand, more specifically on how to work on rhythm and positioning in the kip.

In the last part of the session, you'll find a selection of drills used to begin learning the Stalder.

With the gymnasts' coach present, you'll be able to see the exchange between coaches during the session. You'll be party to the various questions and answers, to the exchange of observations on the gymnasts' levels, and to strategies that can be used in order to aid their progression.

We believe that this interaction between coaches will help you to understand these elements even better. This video will bring you very practical information which will definitely complement the training guides on the Stalder, the kip and the clear hip circle to handstand that you've already been able to make use of on this site.

Enjoy the training!

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Total duration :
38 minutes