GymneoLive #020: Floor learning

GymneoLive #020: Floor training with young gymnasts
Exploration of two key work stations for future acquisition of the back handspring to salto

In this twentieth GymneoLive episode, we're back with four young gymnasts from the EGC Colomiers club, as well as their coaches - Pauline and Marion - for a learning and discovery session around two work stations that will be instrumental for future work on the connection between a back handspring and a salto.

This session will show you in a real-world setting how you can introduce these new work stations to young gymnasts, how to adapt them to their current level, and instructions you can give them to help them progress.

You'll see how you can begin with these drills well before gymnasts have actually reached the level at which they can work on back handspring - salto combinations, and that this way of working will allow your gymnasts to develop their skills more rapidly.

Having the gymnasts' coaches present will allow you to be part of the exchanges with our trainer, which really gives a lot of additional detail that you'll find useful in your future sessions.

We hope you enjoy the training!

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Total duration :
37 minutes