Forward giant in L grip

Complete training guide to the forward giant in L grip (eagle grip) on uneven bars
Learn all the necessary steps to be able to teach this forward giant to your gymnasts.

Video 1: Overview of the training

Video 2: Technical analysis of the forward giant in L grip (eagle grip) on uneven bars

  • Introduction
  • Analysis of the first phase of the element
  • The actions needed in the first quarter of the rotation
  • Technique while passing the low bar: how to maintain speed
  • Analysis of the tensioning phase
  • The tap
  • How to go from hanging to support with the hands in L grip

Video 3: Prerequisites for an L grip giant

  • Technical capabilities
  • Physical capabilities

Video 4: Skill progression

  • Drills to explore and get used to support in L grip
  • Supplementary exercise for specific strength training
  • Stations on low bar with and then without spot
  • The first swings
  • Series of exercises specifically for the change of grip into L grip
  • Drills to progressively tackle the element solo

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Total duration :
43 minutes