Blind Change to L-Grip

Complete training guide to the blind change to L-Grip on uneven bars.
Technical analysis, prerequisites, learning exercises and spotting. Everything you need to know in order to teach this change of direction to your gymnasts

In this new training guide we’re looking at a change of direction that allows your gymnasts to go from a backward giant to a forward giant in L grip: the blind change.

This training follows on from the tutorial on the L grip giant that you'll find on this site. .

As always, we'll begin this analysis with all the technical aspects you need to know in order to confidently teach this skill. In particular, we'll pay attention to the subtleties of hand positioning that make the longitudinal rotation possible, as well as the placement of the hand into L grip. .

Then, after describing the different prerequisites in a separate video, we'll move on to a segment that lays out a comprehensive process to teach this skill. Through a series of eight stages, you'll discover how to begin teaching the element stress-free, and then to progress step by step to actual working conditions on the bar, ending up with a skill that is competition ready. .

This video will also show you some spotting techniques to be able to support your gymnasts as they learn the skill. .

We hope you have an enjoyable and productive training experience! .

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Total duration :
37 minutes