GymneoLive #21: Counter movement session 1 part 1

Training session on bar change with counter movement
Session topic: Exploration and learning of first drills from toe-on (for stoop sole circle, bar change)

This new video recorded in the style of one of our 'Live' trainings is the first in a series of four to help you teach the counter movement on uneven bars.

For this element, we bring you the first session in videos #021 and #022, and the second in videos #023 and #024. .

In this session you'll join our trainer, Angelo Ritorto, and Lola, a young gymnast from the elite program Pôle France de Gymnastique de Marseille. .

This video deals with the first two learning stages. The first objective is to understand the body positioning required in the toe-on phase, and to begin to define the zone in which the gymnast must release the bar in order to catch the high bar. .

After that you'll see how to help the gymnast to find a reference point to be able to recognize the right moment to initiate the closure. This first video ends with the first attempts with legs together. .

From there you can move on to the next session in the training in GymneoLive #022. .

For more information on teaching this bar change, we recommend that you watch, or re-watch, the comprehensive tutorial available on this site. .

Enjoy! .

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Total duration :
17 minutes