Physical Preparation #003 - part 1

How to develop strength in gymnastics - Part 1
Definition, neuromuscular system, different manifestations of strength, and the general principle behind all methods of strength training!

In this first section of the training, we'll be tackling one of the most requested topics: how to develop strength in gymnastics.

First we'll define what strength is and talk about the neuromuscular system, then we'll examine the different manifestations of strength, and then the principle that governs all methods of strength training.

We'll end this first section by analyzing diagrams that will allow us to understand the relationships between different physical qualities and the 3 aspects of strength that are useful in practice. Out of this will emerge three factors capable of increasing our gymnasts' strength: neural factors, structural factors, and energy factors.

The development of strength, like the development of endurance or flexibility, is a vast subject that requires an understanding of numerous concepts. For this reason, we'll be creating several tutorials in order to go into adequate depth.

We hope you enjoy the training!

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Total duration :
20 minutes