Side salto on beam

How to teach side salto on beam
An in-depth technical guide to teaching this salto to your gymnasts

Video 1: Overview of the training on side salto on beam

Video 2: Technical analysis of the side salto

  • Introduction
  • Analysis of the take-off phase: from standing to the specific front lunge required
  • Zoom in on the similarities between a side aerial and a side salto
  • Analysis of the step-in take-off
  • Creation of the longitudinal rotation
  • Actions and placements unique to the side salto
  • The landing

Video 3: Prerequisites for the side salto

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisite n°1: Cartwheel on floor
  • Prerequisite n°2: Front aerial in a training set-up
  • Prerequisite n°3: Side aerial in a training set-up

Video 4: Skill progression - Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Stage 1: Exploration of the specific arm actions and placements for the side salto position
  • Exploration of the skill with spot and foam modules
  • Complete skill on floor with spot
  • Work in parallel on cartwheel landing to face the side
  • Several steps to develop towards a side salto without spot on the floor

Video 5: Skill progression - Part 2

  • Stage 2: Learning drills to progress step by step to execution on high beam
  • Reminder of the difference between the safety rate and the success rate to be able to move forward on beam
  • Exercises to land in a pit
  • Drills on floor, on floor beam, and low beam
  • Work on high beam

Video 6: Spotting techniques for side salto

  • Overall spotting

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