Eccentric muscle contraction

Types of muscle contraction #2 - What is eccentric muscle contraction?
Definition, usefulness, and scope

This tutorial is the second in our series of glossary videos on types of muscle contraction.

In this video, you'll learn all the concepts you need to know surrounding eccentric contraction.

We'll begin with a definition and then take a look at the relationship between external resistance and the strength developed by muscles with this type of tension. This will lead into the general principle underpinning methods of strength training using eccentric action.

You'll learn that this type of action is extremely effective, but should not be used with everyone. You need to be old enough to work with it, and already have a good level of experience with physical preparation.

To conclude the tutorial, you'll learn the usefulness and the limits of this type of strength work.

Video 1: What is eccentric muscle contraction? Usefulness and scope in physical preparation

  • Introduction and definition
  • Notion of resistance opposing the movement and principle behind eccentric strength training methods
  • Advantages of eccentric action in physical preparation
  • Disadvantages of eccentric action in physical preparation

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Total duration :
8 minutes