Essential teaching equipment - Volume 1

Volume 1: Introduction to videos on teaching equipment for gymnastics
Exploration of the first teaching aid: foam block

While it's true that progress in gymnastics depends mostly on the aptitudes and capacity of gymnasts, as well as on the competence of the coach or on the dynamics between the two, we cannot ignore the material conditions in which this takes place.

The different apparatus and landing mats are of course mandatory. They define the discipline. But there's also the teaching equipment. We often forget this, but equipment is one of the factors that affect performance! Each piece of equipment is a tool that helps us to accelerate the learning process.

To make a comparison with the world of the artisan, in very specific domains where each item made is completely unique, the skill of the artisans is of course essential, but they also need the right tools in order to make use of this skill.

For each craft, there is a list of tools and materials that are essential.

In this new series of videos, we'll be looking at these tools, which make all the difference when it comes to learning and teaching.

In this first video, we'll be taking a look at the foam block covered in jersey. Definitely the number one tool for training!

Video 1: Overview and exploration of the first teaching aid

  • Overview of videos on teaching equipment for gymnastics
  • Exploration of the first tool: the foam block

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