The Cody

Complete training guide to the Cody on trampoline
Find out how to teach this fundamental trampoline skill for gymnastics

In this new training we'll be focusing on a foundational skill for all gymnasts aiming for competition level, whether performance or high performance: Cody on trampoline.

You know what we never have enough of in gymnastics - time! We're always looking for ways to go faster to have the time to learn more things and so to have material that's even more competitive.

Once you plan to teach Tsukaharas, Yurchenkos, double backs on floor or bars, and even more so if you're then planning to add twists to these skills, mastery of the Cody will be of considerable benefit. It will allow you to save time and to rapidly consolidate learning when it comes to these skills.

But to do this, you first need to accept that you'll have to spend time on this skill with your younger gymnasts. More specifically, between the ages of 10 and 11. It's a medium- and long-term investment. To begin with, you'll feel that all of this time spent is counterproductive, and then in another phase you'll discover that the speed of acquisition is exponential.

Coaches who have had this experience often make it their number one basic skill on trampoline, far ahead of kabooms.

This video training was conceived and produced with this in mind. With the aim of bringing you the technical details and teaching methodology that will make all the difference.

With the help of this training, you'll feel you have the right arsenal to tackle this skill with confidence. You'll understand the process that allows gymnasts to easily make it upright in order to initiate the back salto.

Acrobatic movements are characteristic of gymnastics, so mastering the technique for skills that allow you to make these acrobatic movements more complex is an indispensible part of a coach's repertoire.

We hope you enjoy the training.

Content of the training

Video 1: Overview of the training on tucked Cody on trampoline

Video 2: Technical analysis of a Cody

  • Introduction
  • Analysis of the impact phase on the stomach on the bed
  • The phase leaving the bed
  • The tucked rotation phase
  • Zoom in on the action of the legs on the bed

Video 3: Prerequisites for the Cody

  • Prerequisite n°1: Straight jump
  • Prerequisite n°2: Front drop
  • Prerequisite n°3: Back drop
  • Prerequisite n°4: Three-quarter back layout
  • Prerequisite n°5: Back pull-over

Video 4: Skill progression for the Cody

  • Learning the actions and placements on the bed in front drop position
  • Learning the actions for the 'front-back'
  • First drills on the trampoline
  • Work with spot
  • Toward execution without help

Video 5: Spotting techniques for Cody

  • From the front-back to the Cody

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Total duration :
43 minutes