Cody half-twist

How to teach a Cody half-twist on trampoline
Explore the technique for creating a twist in a Cody and its impact on back full outs and Yurchenko twists

The trampoline is an essential teaching tool in gymnastics. It helps you to save time and energy in training. With trampoline work, progress in acrobatic skills is much quicker, and the learning that happens is far more solid.

One of the most important skills for making the most of all of these benefits is the Cody twist. It's the foundation of all backward double rotations with a twist in the second salto, like the back full out, and the Yurchenko twist.

This entire tutorial is dedicated to the creation of the first half-twist. It follows on from the training on the tucked Cody, which you'll find in the Gymneo training library. We'll follow it with another training guide dedicated to the second half of the twist.

Thanks to these training materials, you'll be able to understand and teach one of the most important skills for any gymnast aiming for complex acrobatic elements.

By the end of this training, you'll know how to initiate a longitudinal rotation without a push-off, and without breaking form. You'll open the door to the world of double rotations with twists in the second phase!

We hope you enjoy the training.

Video 1: Overview of training on Cody half-twist on trampoline

Video 2: Technical analysis of the Cody half-twist

  • Introduction
  • When should you initiate the twist?
  • Analysis of actions needed to initiate the longitudinal rotation

Video 3: Prerequisites for a Cody half-twist

  • Prerequisite n°1: The three-quarter back Cody
  • Prerequisite n°2: The ability to 'twist'

Video 4: Skill progression for Cody half-twist

  • Learning to link Codys together
  • Learning the arm actions
  • Integration of the first half-twists
  • Improving the ability to accelerate the transverse rotation
  • Zoom in on an optional transitional exercise
  • Performing the complete skill

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Total duration :
25 minutes