Salto stretched with one turn

The complete training on the salto backward stretched with a full twist on the floor

Video 1: Overview

Video 2: Technical analysis of the twist

  • Introduction
  • Actions for initiating the long-axis turn
  • Takeoff phase, creation of the first half turn
  • The concept of transfer in learning
  • Second phase of the salto, execution of the second half twist
  • Different methods for initiating the twist
  • Learning technique: connection to the part method
  • Determining a gymnast’s dominant turning direction
  • How to recognize a twist to the right or the left
  • Why gymnasts sometimes invert their turning direction

Video 3: Prerequisites

  • Pirouette on the floor and variation
  • Tumbling on the mat
  • Key learning setups to be familiar with
  • Basic exercises focusing on the twist on the big trampoline

Video 4: Pedagogical analysis—drills for the salto backward stretched with a full twist on floor

  • Front twist
  • Salto forward piked half turn
  • Salto forward stretched half turn
  • Front kaboom crash dive and half turn
  • Back handspring half turn in the pit
  • Teaching progression with blocks, minitrampoline, and high surface
  • Teaching progression with blocks and minitrampoline, upright landing
  • Back drop half turn handstand
  • Back kaboom half turn
  • Drills on leaving the bed
  • Twists on the Fast Track
  • Round-off Arabian dive with springboard
  • Progression on the tumbling track

Video 5: Various spotting techniques for the twist

  • Back handspring to handstand
  • Learning the first half turn
  • Backward crash dive half turn
  • Arabian dive
  • Back twist

Video 6: Physical preparation

  • Introduction
  • Understanding muscular contraction with elastics
  • Specific exercises on the takeoff and initiation phase
  • Isometric exercises

Video 7: LIVE performance: Observation of technical errors and suggested solutions

  • Introduction
  • Straight jump
  • Pirouettes on the trampoline
  • Seat drop
  • Seat drop with half turn
  • Seat drop with rebound
  • Seat drop half turn to hands and knees
  • Roller
  • Rebounds on the back
  • Snap-downs with turns
  • Salto forward tucked
  • Forward progression on the Fast Track
  • Salto forward piked and jump half turn
  • Salto forward piked half turn
  • Salto forward stretched half turn (1)
  • Salto forward stretched half turn (2)
  • Back handspring with half turn
  • Arabian dive
  • Back crash dive twist
  • Back twist with minitrampoline
  • Drills on leaving the trampoline bed
  • Round-off whipback on the Fast Track
  • Round-off with springboard
  • Working on the tumbling track

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