Back walkovers

Complete training on the back walkovers on the beam
How to teach this essential gymnastics skill

Video 1 : Overview of the training on the back walkover on beam

Video 2 : Technical analysis

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the skill
  • Analysis of the starting position
  • The descent phase
  • Moving from support on the foot to support on the hands
  • The landing phase
  • The back walkover from the gymnast’s perspective

Video 3 : Prerequisites

  • Introduction
  • Anterior-posterior split
  • Level of active flexibility in flexion
  • Overall flexibility in opening position: The bridge
  • Descent into back bridge
  • The back bridge
  • Handstand split on the floor
  • Handstand with legs squeezed on the high beam
  • Handstand split on the high beam

Video 4 : Pedagogy

  • Opening of the shoulders at the beginning
  • Getting familiar with inversion into the handstand
  • Performing the entire skill in complete safety
  • First, the front walkover
  • Progression to the back walkover on the floor
  • Back tick tock
  • Bridge on the high beam
  • From floor to high beam
  • A suggested strategy for getting gymnasts onto the high beam . . . alone
  • Practicing on the high beam
  • Front tick tock, walkover, and repetition
  • Improving the landing phase
  • Increasing the difficulty in order to stimulate mastery of the skill
  • Things to keep in mind!

Video 5 : Spotting

  • Overall description of the coach’s actions
  • The spot from the coach’s perspective
  • To spot or not to spot on the high beam?

Video 6 : Specific Physical Preparation

  • Exercises for hip flexibility (psoas and rectus femoris)
  • Example of overall, passive work on hip flexibility
  • Stretching and contraction in order to improve the inversion phase
  • Overall stretching of the quadriceps: what is the most suitable position?
  • Strengthening the movement through the handstand split
  • Flexibility of overall flexion
  • Flexibility of specific flexion!

Video 7 : Live performance

  • Influence of the back leg in a front tick tock
  • Influence of the front leg in a back tick tock
  • Comparison of errors in two back walkovers 1
  • Comparison of errors in two back walkovers 2
  • Side view of a back walkover
  • Comparison of errors in two back walkovers 3

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