Front handspring

Complete training on the front handspring on vault
How to approach and decrypt this basic element of the artistic gymnastics

Video1: Overview of the training on the front handspring on vault

Video 2 : technical analysis

  • Introduction
  • The run: Some important concepts
  • The hurdle: 4 actions to perform
  • Repulsion on the springboard: What angle of attack?
  • Some biomechanical concepts
  • First flight phase
  • Arm repulsion: How should the gymnast position herself in order to rebound?
  • Second flight phase and positioning that is specific to the vault
  • The landing
  • Visual markers on the vault: Central and peripheral vision


Video 3: prerequisites

  • The ability to hold the body
  • Hold and dynamic exercises
  • The ability to rebound on the feet
  • Front handspring
  • Flyspring
  • Saltos

Video 4: Pedagogy

  • Introduction
  • From straight jump to salto stretched
  • Learning the second flight phase
  • First inversions
  • Inversions and takeoff on the springboard
  • Exercises to improve inversion speed
  • Drills on the large trampoline
  • Initial feelings with the vault at the true height
  • Executing the entire skill in a facilitating setup
  • Exercises with short runs
  • Overcoming the obstacle
  • Different steps in the actual context
  • The hurdle

Video 5: Spotting

  • Introduction
  • Takeoff on the springboard
  • Specific help on the repulsion phase
  • Promoting the correct positioning in the second flight phase
  • Help with the first flight phase

Video 6: Specific physical preparation

  • Leg repulsion
  • Specific examples of leg exercises
  • Static and dynamic hold
  • Working on opening the legs and body
  • Arm repulsion
  • Working on strengthening the position specific to the 2nd flight phase
  • The landing

Video 7: Live performance

  • Introduction
  • First analysis: Lack of speed and stopping on the vault
  • Second analysis: Lack of rebound on the vault
  • Third analysis: The rhythm is better, but there is still work to be done on the position!
  • Fourth analysis: Getting closer; just a little more effort and it will be good!
  • Conclusion

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