Back handspring

Complete training on the back handspring on the floor
All the secrets for learning this essential gymnastics skill

Video 1 : Overview of the training on the back handspring on floor

Video 2 : Technical analysis

  • Introduction
  • Takeoff position
  • Unbalanced phase
  • Creation of the inversion
  • Opening the body and landing phase
  • Definition of the terms “concave” and “convex”
  • Analysis of the snap down
  • Position in the 2nd flight phase
  • Landing position and connecting position
  • Back handspring from a round-off: What are the differences?
  • Proper rhythm in a round-off handspring
  • Connecting position on the final impact of the round-off back handspring

Video 3 : Prerequisites

  • The Handstand: Adequate indicators of mastery for the back handspring
  • The ability to rebound on the hands
  • The ability to rebound on the feet
  • The back bridge
  • The round-off, cartwheel and front handspring
  • Why the front handspring? What is it good for?
  • Conclusion

Video 4 : Pedagogical analysis – drills for the standing back handspring

  • Exercises to begin the takeoff phase
  • Push-off and creation of the inversion
  • Exploration of the inversion up to hand placement
  • The training roller: Advantages and disadvantages!
  • First attempts: Example of a drill circuit
  • Exercises with facilitated push-off
  • Exercises that break down the movement
  • The snap down phase
  • The technical approach to the end of the movement
  • The standing back handspring and the first connecting exercises

Video 5 : Different ways to spot the back handspring

  • Introduction
  • From standing to flic: How to use spotting to introduce the gymnast to  this skill
  • Spotting in the drills
  • The flic stopped at the handstand
  • Different assistance techniques for the snap down
  • From the round-off to round-off 3 flics
  • Conclusion

Video 6 : Physical Preparation : The snap down

  • Introduction
  • Static positions
  • Strengthening of the curl at the end of the round-off
  • Learning the concept of the abdominal and back wave
  • A more and more physical wave!
  • Transitioning from one curl to another
  • Perceived and analytical strengthening
  • A more dynamic approach
  • Snap downs and trampoline
  • Traditional snap down

Video 7 : Live performance

  • Introduction
  • Overall and analytical observation
  • List of errors
  • What are the solutions?

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